About Us

Eagle Electrical & Cooling is a family-owned business that has been operating since 2006. The owner has over 30 years’ experience in the electrical field.

We have a very comprehensive knowledge of the Electrical & Cooling industry.

Great advances in terms of new technology and applications have been made over the years.

At Eagle Electrical & Cooling we take pride in our prompt service, honest quotes, and advice to clients.

Eagle Electrical & Cooling provides electrical and air conditioning installations, maintenance, and automation. Our services include both industrial as well as domestic.

We provide competitive quotes for all installations.

Upon award of a contract, Eagle Electrical & Cooling will staff the job with a Project Manager who has the authority and knowledge to perform the functions necessary for the successful completion of the project.

The Project Manager will provide the necessary support facilities and staff required for the particular project.

At Eagle Electrical & Cooling SAFETY is our first priority.

We pride ourselves on our quality work and will never compromise quality for the price.

Our Quality Assurance Certification ensures that the client can always expect work of an excellent standard.

We have a philosophy of getting the job done on time and on budget, while still providing excellent service.




• Panel building
• Motor/generator overhaul and services
• Supervision of electrical contractors
• Quality & Assurance
• Cable supply, installation, and termination
• Electrical design, manufacture, and service
• Electrical drafting
• Electrical power generation, protection, and distribution
• Mechanical services
• Newly build electrical systems.
• Rewinds (transformers, alternators & electric motors)
• Rotating machinery repair (generators, alternators, electric motors & fans)
• Hot and Cold commissioning
• Domestic Certificate of Compliances (COC)
    • Air conditioning/refrigeration installations and services

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